Dear Universe, Give Me A Map

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

Dear Universe,

You have given me eyes to see,

A nose so I can smell,

A mouth so I can speak,

And feet so I can crawl.

All that I ask is,

Before departing to Earth as a human,

Is to have a map so I can navigate life:

I will know where to go, never doubting my choices.

I will go far and wide with the guidance of the map.

I will travel well, always trusting my journey.

Dear unborn child,

I have given you eyes so you can witness,

A nose so you can sense,

A mouth so you can express,

And feet so you can run.

But I will not give you a map,

Life will show you one if you listen closely to the beating of your heart,

The wind will help guide your step when you doubt your choices

And know, my child, that doubt is necessary,

Doubting and yet still choosing is what makes living so extraordinary.

So I will give you no map telling you where to go,

Because you are already a navigator,

So learn to guide yourself with your internal compass,

It will show you the way.



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